“Thanks to Veterans For Peace (VFP) Chapter 160 and their “Bicycles for Education” program, 60 students in Trieu Phong, Cam Lo, and Huong Hoa districts received brand new bicycles. This generous gift will change their daily routine for the better.” -RENEW

Photo: Rich Allen, Vice President of VFP Chapter 160, poses for a photo with third grader Ho Bao An beside her new bicycle.

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Nine-year-old schoolgirl Ho Bao An from Pacoh ethnic group in Huong Hoa District was overwhelmed with joy to receive such a gift from the American friends. “It’s three kilometers from my home in A Xoi Hang Village to school,” she explained, “so my parents had to take me back and forth every day. Now, with this new bike, I can ride to school myself! They’ll have more time to work in the fields.”

Rich Allen, Vice President of VFP Chapter 160, expressed his hope that the new bicycles would make the children’s journey to school more convenient. He served in Quang Tri at 19 and saw the devastation of war firsthand. But what truly stayed with him were the children’s faces. “Now with open hearts of the government and people here, we get to see those bright, smiling faces again.”

This project isn’t just about bikes; it’s about building bridges. Trieu Phong District Youth Union Vice President Truong Thi Thanh Nhan sees it as a chance to overcome the past. “Despite our differences,” she says, “we can all support education for these children.”

Since 2021, thanks to the ‘Bicycles For Education’ program funded by VFP Chapter 160, RENEW has helped over 220 schoolchildren from disadvantaged families in Quang Tri.

VFP is an international organization made up of military veterans from all branches, their families, and allies, dedicated to building a culture of peace, exposing the true costs of war, and healing the wounds of war. VFP Chapter 160 is based in Vietnam and has provided funding to Project RENEW’s Victim Assistance/Disability Support program since 2013.

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